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Wheat from our own Amritsar’s seed farms

Punjab’s  best quality  wheat

Continuous quality controls are being made by our highly experienced stuff to ensure a consistent high quality and full customer satisfaction. Strict quality and service control is conducted at every stage of production including purchase of wheat, storage processing and wide distribution .
Main path to success by means of quality control can be summarized as follows:
Firstly, the blend of wheat used in milling process has been considered. Several types’ wheat is analyzed by the experts according to Kohsar Flour Mills’ rigid standards prior to purchasing decision. Only wheat types, confirming our high standards, are put into our blend.
Secondly, wheat blend used in flour production is always rich. 


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Kohsar Group website. These are exciting yet challenging times at Kohsar and I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our valued visitors around the world to learn more about our leading-edge operations, financial performance, strategies, services, sustainability initiatives, and values. This website is part of the external manifestation of our commitment to transparency and open communications to all our stakeholders as well as to the wider public interested in our activities.

We are committed to follow the highest standards of ethics and moral values in all our transactions. We believe in doing the right things to the best of our capabilities and as per the law of the country.